Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Cookbook

I have a Christmas Cookbook on eBay for sale. The cookbook comes as an e-Cookbook or a hard copy. I have spent a couple of months on this cookbook. It is my way to have all of you as my dinner guests on Christmas Day. The recipes are all the ones I prepare for my Christmas dinner. The e-Cookbook is great because you can save it on your computer and add your own notes to it and it's also a better price. Check it out if you have a chance. The e-Cookbook is set as a bid item starting at $5.00 US and the hard copy is $15.99 (shipped to you collect - by courier or Canada Post - your choice). Check it out! The cookbook is called "Christmas Dinner at My House". Cooking for me is a labour or Love. It is like sharing my personal feelings with others (especially my family). The picture you see here is on the cover of my cookbook.

Friday, November 17, 2006




Holidays! A very busy time but what a reward when everyone sits down together and you can see the look of absolute bliss when they taste your food. Our family has a great appreciation of good food. I will share some holiday favourites with you.

My mother comes from Quebec (Canada) and as a result some of the recipes will be traditional from Quebec that my mom used to make when I was growing up. I now prepare these recipes for my family and keep the tradition going.

Enjoy my blog. It was created with you in mind. I wanted to share with you some warm hearted ideas and wish you, your family and friends joy, peace and many blessings.

When we gather, we always begin with beverages of course so here is a delicious very festive punch which can be adult and child friendly.


1 One pound can can jellied cranberry sauce
3/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 One pint 12 ounce bottle (3 1/2 cups) ginger ale, chilled

Beat cranbery sauce till smooth. Stir in juices. Add ginger ale. Serve over ice. Garnish with fresh cranberries. This is child friendly. For adult friendly, add white wine or vodka.


My husband loves his coffee! After a meal the tradition is coffee or tea? He has created a most amazing coffee for you coffee and chocolate lovers. It is very rich and filling.

You need fresh brewed coffee, instant Irish Cream coffee and chocolate milk.

To a cup of fresh brewed coffee, add two teaspoons of irish cream coffee and instead of coffee cream, add chocolate milk. Mmm!


On another note! How many times have my husband and I gone out for dinner and often wonder if we could get the recipe at restaurants where we have tasted something delicious. Chefs guard their recipes very closely, especially if they are their trademark.

One of my favorite places to eat is Red Lobster. It is very difficult to get a reservation because they are booked way ahead of time. We went to Toronto and tried to do a walk in which was a waste of time. They were so busy and had people waiting to be seated!

The Copy Cat Cookbook has amazing recipes. With this cookbook there are bonuses that make this an unbelievable value. There are 332 recipes in this cookbook but that's not all! If you order today you get the following additional bonuses.

Bonus #1 - A downloadable Copycat Cookbook #2 absolutely Free with an additional 424 more recipes from restaurants such as Applebee's, Chi Chi's, Olive Garden to mention a few.

Bonus #2 - You get the Crock Pot Cookbook absolutely Free with 702 recipes.

Bonus #3 - The Holiday Coobook is also included absolutely Free with 640 holiday recipes.

Bonus #4 - You also get the Cookie Cookbook absolutely free with 225 cookie recipes.

This would actually be an excellent Christmas gift for someone. It would also be an excellent wedding or shower gift. I remember when I got married I had one cookbook to my name which had been given to me as a shower gift by co-workers. This has everything a person needs when starting out and then some!

Check out their website. It's amazing.